Mistress of Night and Dawn

Yes, we’ve been rather silent since we delivered EIGHTY DAYS WHITE, but here we are again, and with great news to boot.

We have completed a new novel MISTRESS OF NIGHT AND DAWN, which has just gone to the printers and will appear in the UK on September 12th from our faithful publishers Orion, and in Australia, New Zealand and other Commonwealth countries just a few weeks later. It has also been acquired (on proposal) by our wonderful German publishers Carl’s Verlag and should appear there before the end of 2013 (you have to allow time to get it translated, but as we write our efficient German translation team is beavering away night and day at the task…).

We’re exceptionally proud of this sixth novel in the EIGHTY DAYS series. So what can we tell you about the new book without giving any spoilers away?

Well, it’s something of a departure. As much as the series has proven popular and has now sold well over a million copies worldwide so far (and thanks again to all you fantastic readers), we both felt we wanted to move forward and spice up our writing with something a little different – though as erotic and romantic as ever. Happily both our blessed literary agent, Sarah Such, and our publishers agreed, so we had the opportunity to do something new. Be reassured, the book is as sexy (if not more according to early inner circle readers!) as its predecessors, but we’ve attempted to add another dimension, as well as making it substantially longer. MISTRESS OF NIGHT AND DAWN is still set in the world of EIGHTY DAYS, and actually takes its lead from the chapter in WHITE where Lily is taken to a mysterious ball. In fact, some popular characters from the series make a welcome reappearance, including Lauralynn and Madame Denoux, and Summer our flame-haired violinist has an anonymous cameo, together with other protagonists fleetingly seen in preceding books. But the crux of the action is centred on Aurelia, an orphan, whose origins lead her on an extraordinary quest and red hot love affair which spans the globe. The atmosphere of the book is deliberately phantasmagorical and whether magic actually intervenes is something you’ll have to find out when you read it! In addition, the book also has a daring historical background, being partly set in France at the time of the French revolution, Venice in the years of Casanova, New Orleans and the Mississippi river at the turn of the 20th century, when Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer had their adventures as well as New Zealand in the hedonistic 1960s. Have we done enough to wet your appetite? We hope so.

The cover for MISTRESS can be found on our Facebook page (and very soon, here on our website) and, again as you will see we’re moving away from the initial style of the series and have opted for a different but we think beautiful treatment. Where the colour is yellowy/pale brown, there will be gold foil, so we truly believe the book will look magnificent on bookshop and supermarket shelves.

End of the sales pitch!

We had great fun writing it and hope you’ll enjoy reading it too.